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 Q1.   I want to develop a website for my business how much it would cost me?

 A1.   The development of a new website for your business will cost as per your requirements of the design and features. The website can be developed in a range from simple, standard, and customize. The costs will depend upon that and can be decided after a proper understanding of your business requirements.


 Q2.  I want to change the current design of my website. Can you suggest something better?

 A2.  Absolutely! Your current website design can be changed and made up-to-date as per your requirements. Our design team will review your current website layout and provide suggestions for improvements required. (WordPress Theme)


 Q3.  How much customization is possible for my new website?

 A3.  It’s is possible to build a fully customized website as per your requirements. All the features, functionalities, and design can be developed as per the suggestions made by you.


 Q4.  After my website is developed if I need changes in the design or features. Will it be possible to do it?

 A4.  Yes, it’s possible to make changes in the design or features even after the website is developed. Though the change in design or features will add to the total costs.


 Q5.  How much time will it take in website development?

 A5.  The time required in the development of standard websites is approximately 1-2 weeks. Custom sites require much time that can only be decided after the project is discussed.


 Q6.  What if there’s any problem after the website is built and gone live?

 A6.  No worries, any problem occurring after the website is built and gone live will be taken care of by our efficient development team. We provide free 30 day support after the development of your website.


 Q7.  Do you provide support after the site is developed?

 A7Yes, we provide regular website maintenance and support services. You can select from the packages on monthly basis to keep your site maintained. We are always willing to provide support and help for your requirements of new features, maintenance, and regular updates.


 Q8.  Will you teach me how to manage and use my site after it is developed?

 A8.  Yes. Training and guidance both are readily available to explain all the details of website management and how you can effectively use your website and update content, pictures from your end.


 Q9.  Will you listen to my design suggestions or will you design on any fixed format?

 A9.  The website design suggestions will be provided by us after having a detailed discussion with you on your requirements. (You chose your WP Theme) All the design suggestions provided by you will be taken into consideration and the then proper suggestions will be offered to you from our website design team.


 Q10.  Who will take care of the content for my website?

 A10.  Content can be provided by your end or you can opt for content services package provided by us.


 Q11.  What services are included in the free support you provide?

 A11.  Any problems arising in relation to the design, development are included in the free support provided by us.


 Q12.  How many design revisions you allow for?

 A12.   There is not any fixed number allotted for the design revisions provided by us. It depends on the project as we understand that a customized website may require more design revisions to be done.


Q13.  Want to know about WordPress CMS and how it is useful in managing your web site?

A13.  WordPress is the largest content management system that provides simple blogging tools, great plugins; you can log in and edit your site easily with the help of page builder. The plugins will help you to grow and expand your website as per your business needs.


Q14.  How the security of my website will be ensured?

A14.   We will make sure that all the required security measures are implemented during development phase of the website. You can opt for a regular maintenance package provided by us for getting security updates and keeping your website safe from any vulnerability.


Q15.  How quick you’re in replying and solving your customer’s queries?

A15.   We take pride in the services we provide to our customers. Our customers are our main priority and it is always easy to reach to us and get an immediate response from us. We aim to make our each and every customer satisfied and happy with the services.
All queries and requests are answered within 24 hours.


Q16.  What eCommerce platform will be used to build my eCommerce website?

A16.   We have experts on  “woocommerce” to build ecommerce websites.


Q17.   What’s the difference between a template and a fully custom site?

A17.  A website template is a pre-designed layout for a website. A website template gives designers a relatively simple way to plug content into a website without having to build the website from the ground up. Templates lower the overall website development cost as you don’t need to create the designs from scratch but you won’t have unique design and there will be limited functionality.
While custom websites are built from scratch based on unique business needs without the use of any premade templates. Custom websites cost more than template websites but your design will be unique with more custom features around your business needs,we prefer to not build custom websites because of the cost.


Q18.   What’s your refund policy?

A18.   We assure 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for our services though If you are not happy, we refund the money for unfinished work/uncovered scope from the project contract.


Q19.    Do you offer satisfaction guarantee for your services?

A19.  Yes, we are a result driven agency and we offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for our web design, development and digital marketing services. We strive to develop the best possible websites and give unmatched support services.


Q20.   Are there any recurring costs involved with owning a website?

A20.  Yes, after design and development of the website – you need to invest in regular maintenance of your website to keep it up to date to provide your end user with the best experience + you need to pay for recurring cost of website hosting based on the hosing package you select for your website.
We can setup your Hosting plan with Provider also do the maintenance for you or teach you to do it yourself.  (See website maintenance plan)


Q21.   What forms of payment do you accept?

A21.  We accept all credit/debit cards, PayPal and bank wire payments.


Q22.   How does your payment term works?

A22.  Project payments are divided in phases as per the project scope. You will need to release part of the payment as we finish the set milestones. For website maintenance services, it will be monthly or yearly based on package selected.


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